Odisha handloom Ganjam Bomkai Cotton Saree

Rs. 16,990

Ganjam Bomkai sarees, woven in Berhampur where Bomkai weaving originated, are recognized for their distinctive features, including extraweft weaving, phoda Kumbha temple border, a coarse and thick texture, and vibrant color combinations in cotton.

Material: This particular Ganjam Bomkai Saree is made of high-quality 40-count cotton yarn, which gives it an indigenous coarse, and thick texture.

Design & Pattern: The intricate designs and patterns of this bomkai saree got inspired by nature, and the vibrant colors add to its beauty.

Origin: The bomkai weave originated during the late 1950s in the Ganjam district of Odisha. Later on, it predominated in the Sonepur district of Odisha and was popularly known as Bomkai Saree.

Weaving Technique: The weaving technique used in making Bomkai Saree is extra weft and wrap, where the weaver inserts more threads into the loom to create beautiful designs, and phoda kumbha technique of temple border design.

Dimensions: This saree is 6.2 meters long and 1.14 meters in width. It weighs varies between .9-1.1 kg

Saree Wash, & Care Instructions: This saree is made with handspun 40 count cotton. Please involve dry cleaning and storing the saree in a dry place.

Occasion: Bomkai Saree is a versatile piece of clothing that you can wear for various occasions, like weddings, parties and other formal events.

Blouse Piece: This saree comes with a blouse piece that complements it, making it perfect for different occasions.

Bomkai Saree Story: The Bomkai Saree was initially made for royalty. Later on, its popularity spread across Odisha, making it a favorite among women of all ages. Crafting a Bomkai saree is a slow and creative process, which takes roughly 6 to 8 months from yarn finishing to saree finish.

Identity: To identify a Ganjam Bomkai Saree, you can look for distinctive patterns and designs inspired by nature. The pallu is the highlight of the saree, featuring intricate designs that add to its beauty. The extra weft and wrap weaving technique also create a unique texture that sets it apart from other sarees.

Conclusion: The Ganjam Bomkai Saree is a beautiful piece of clothing that showcases the traditional art of Odisha. Its complex designs, vibrant colors, and smooth texture make it a popular choice for women who love classic wear.


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