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Indulge in the timeless elegance of the Nabakothi Ikat Saree, a true masterpiece of Odisha handloom and Nuapatna ikat weaving. This exquisite saree is adorned with nine distinct motifs woven within nine houses, creating a captivating design that is unique to the Nabakothi style.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each motif symbolizes a significant aspect of Odisha's rich cultural heritage. The intricate weaving technique used in creating these motifs showcases the skill and artistry of the weavers, making each saree a work of art.

Made from high-quality silk fabric, the Nabakothi Ikat Saree drapes gracefully and exudes a subtle sheen. The rich green color chosen for this saree adds a touch of vibrancy and represents nature, renewal, and prosperity.

Whether it's a special occasion or a celebration of tradition, the Nabakothi Ikat Saree is a perfect choice for those who appreciate the beauty of handcrafted textiles. Embrace the allure of Odisha handloom and make a style statement that reflects your love for art, culture, and exquisite craftsmanship.

Experience the heritage and elegance of the Nabakothi Ikat Saree, a true testament to the mastery of Nuapatna ikat weaving and the rich tapestry of Odisha's handloom tradition.


Nuapatna Ikat Saree is a gorgeous traditional handloom saree from the heart of Cuttack, Nuapatna, Odisha, India. It is a work of art that boasts vibrant colours, intricate designs and a fine texture that will leave you spellbound. They make this masterpiece with the finest quality Malda Silk, making it lightweight and easy to drape.

Design & Pattern:

Nuapatna Ikkat Saree is handwoven using the resist dyeing ikat technique known as Bandhakala and Bandha to create intricate designs & patterns. You can find bold geometric shapes and bright colours with tribal motifs on detailed borders and pallu. Skilled artisans of Nuapatna weave each saree using traditional techniques, resulting in a unique work of art.

This special design of Nuapatna Ikat is a very traditional Khandua design called Nabakothi because of 9 house motif ikat weaving on the body


Originating from Cuttack district suburban villages of Odisha, the Nuapatna Ikkat Saree is handwoven using the ikat technique. The saree's threads are resist-dyed before being woven, resulting in a unique and timeless design. These sarees are still handwoven today by skilled artisans, preserving this traditional art form for generations.

Weaving Technique:

The weavers of Nuapatna Village use an ancient and unique technique called Bandhakala and Bandha. Bandhakala weaving technique uses both the warp and weft yarns in the handloom weaving process to create the base fabric and resist dyeing on selected areas of the fabric to create intricate designs and patterns.


With a dimension of 5.4-meter length and 1.4-meter width, this saree is perfect for creating a stunning and elegant look.

Care Instruction:

However, it requires special care and attention, and we recommend dry cleaning only to maintain its beautiful texture.


Nuapatna Ikkat Saree is the perfect blend of modernity with ancient art, offering an awe-inspiring resemblance. You can wear this saree for cultural, formal, or casual parties. It can fit easily on any occasion, depending on the design & pattern.  

Blouse Piece:

Nuapatna sarees do not usually come with a blouse piece. This saree do not come with blouse piece.

Although, we are pleased to offer a saree with a blouse piece, making it the perfect choice for anyone who wants to look their best.

Short Story:

The story of Gopal, a skilled weaver in the village of Nuapatna, and his tale of the rich history of the Nuapatna Ikat Saree has helped preserve the tradition for generations to come. Today, this saree is celebrated as a symbol of Odisha's cultural heritage, thanks to Gopal's work and dedication. Keep shopping with us to know more about Gopal & Nuapatna Ikat Saree.

How to Identify:

These sarees can be easily distinguishable by their vibrant colours, intricate designs and unique bandha technique. Nuapatna Ikat Saree is a must-have for those seeking a sophisticated and exclusive addition to their wardrobe.


In conclusion, experience the timeless elegance of Odisha's rich cultural heritage with Nuapatna Ikat Saree - a stunning piece of art perfect for any auspicious occasion. Add a touch of sophistication to your wardrobe today.

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