Assam Handloom Paat Silk Saree - Blue sari

Rs. 12,990

A stunning Assam handloom paat Silk Saree

Assam, a treasure trove of silk diversity, showcases an array of exquisite varieties, including paat silk, tussar silk, eri silk, and the illustrious muga silk. Each silk type encapsulates the region's rich textile heritage, with paat silk renowned for its smooth texture, tussar silk for its natural sheen, eri silk for its warmth, and muga silk, the golden silk unique to Assam, symbolizing luxury. Together, these distinct silks contribute to the vibrant tapestry of Assamese weaving traditions, offering a kaleidoscope of textures and colors. Explore the opulence and versatility of Assam's silk heritage through these prized fabrics, where centuries-old craftsmanship converges with nature's bounty to create timeless elegance in every weave.

Note: comes with blouse piece running

wash & care: Dry clean only

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